Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha ( Happy Buddha)
Laughing Buddha ( Happy Buddha)Known as Hotei (Japan) and Pu-Tai (China), these figures embody the ideals of the good life: health, happiness, prosperity and longevity.
They represent the later Buddhist notions that the good life was indeed attainable in this world. It consisted of self-mastery, a happy demeanor, purposeful endeavor, a deep commitment to the welfare of others and enlightened awareness.

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Woodiness Buddha Pendant
size: 4.1*3.5*0.9 cm
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Woodiness Sit Buddha
Size: 6.6*6.6*6.6 cm
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Yellow Jade Sit Buddha
The Yellow Jade Sit Buddha is make out of Chinese yellow jade and dimension of it is approx:6.5*5*5.5mm, 0.23KG
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