Jade Dragon

Chinese began to know and use jade in the early Neolithic Age according to archeologists and archeological findings. Many jade wares dating back to 4,000 to 6,000 years ago have been excavated in different places.
It was not only used for decorative purpose but also others.

Until the Shang and Zhou dynasties, jade wares had been developed into tools, weapons, daily utensils, accessories and ritual utensils. As commodity exchange boomed, jade was bestowed with currency function.
For thousands of years till now, jade was and is a symbol of love and virtue as well as a status symbol.

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Green Jade Necklace with Dragon carving
This Chinese green jade gemstone necklace is carved with Dragon image. Green jade gemstone has very high value due to its clarity and rareness. You...
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Jade Dragon
Length Width Height: 15.5*2.9*9.5cm
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Yellow jade Dragon's head turtle body
This item is consisting of 4 different Dragon Turtles that are made out of different stones: black onyx dragon turtle, carnelian dragon turtle,...
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