Natural crystal citrine plutus tree (a thriving business)

Natural crystal citrine plutus tree (a thriving business)


Detailed Product Description

1.make the person has a kind of happy feeling of joy and freedom, 2.can develop people's mind and vision
3.arousing originality

crystal efficacy

Yellow crystal:

1.Can create unexpected wealth,

2.Is engaged in the service business company and merchants indispensable plutus treasure, have urge fortune efficacy.

3.Yellow crystal main hilum wheel, dispelling the tension, help intestines and stomach and digesting system, such as effectiveness.

Product description


Natural Brazilian imports citrine raw ore




Yellow light also can make the person encounters nervous chaos easily stay rational awake, but can see oneself should walk, and break through difficulties and achieve the target.






Lord partial finances. Citrine emit yellow universal energy, commonly known as the wealth of stone. Mild yellow can give a person's mind, strengthen inject harmonious power, make people reiki self-confidence and joy.


Its energy vibrations frequency of effects on human solar plexus, belong to the mental body, the main finances, can create windfall. Citrine energy, corresponding to the human body's sun, is projected sexuality, belong to date, belongs to fire. Its corresponding sun wheel, belong to the mental body, the main intestines and stomach function.

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